New DIALOGUES of the DEATH by FONTENELLE Nouveaux Dialogues des Morts. Londres, Aux depens de Paul 1707. In French. AVAILABLE
4e9c0aa6.jpg picture by sacisuta
MODERN PALMISTRY. 1900. 1/2 Leather. Illustrated  AVAILABLE
The Practice of AUTOSUGGESTION:By the Method of Emile Coue, Revised Edition by C. Harry Brooks, with foreword by Emile Coue, NY - Dodd, Mead & Co, 13th printing, Dec. 1922 AVAILABLE
HYPNOTISM -Including a Study of the Chief Points of Psycho - Therapies and Occultism, Dr. Albert Moll, translated from the 4th Enlarged Edition by Arthur Hopkirk, Walter Scott Pub Co, London & Charles Scribner's Sons, NY 1910 AVAILABLE
5836ec79.jpg picture by sacisuta CHIROMANCY (PALMISTRY). HC. Illustrated. 1890's. AVAILABLE
724402d3.jpg picture by sacisuta  CHEIRO'S PALMISTRY FOR ALL  1916  AVAILABLE
HANDS and How to Read Them . By E. Rene. Published circa 1920's.Hardcover.Illustrat.Very Good AVAILABLE
IMG_8235.jpg picture by sacisuta DREAM PSYCHOLOGY by Maurice Nicoll.. Publisher: LONDON, Henry Frowde, 1917. 1st ED AVAILABLE
20th Century Guide to Palmistry. The Hannberry Co., 1900. AVAILABLE
CHEIRO'S Language of the HAND : Fifty-Five Full -page Illustrations, Copyright 1900. By Rand, McNally& Co. SOLD
08cc373b.jpg A Study of Character and Personality. J. B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia 1933. AVAILABLE


Manual of Cheirosophy. ALLEN .Ward, Lock & Co. New York, 1885.Illustrated.AVAILABLE
 B2VIwCGkKGrHqMOKikEB5NFBMiCN-oP8Q_12.jpg Past, Present and Future 1909 1st edition. Illustrated. Biblical prophecies. AVAILABLE
IMG_7475.jpg picture by sacisuta 1625  PROFETIE Dell' Abbate Gioachino is a book on Papal prophecies also contained in recently discovered manuscript THE LOST BOOK OF NOSTRADAMUS AVAILABLE
 palbooks017.jpg Psychology and Psychic Culture. American Book Co., 1895. AVAILABLE
 palbooks018.jpg Psychography: A Treatise on One of the Objective Forms of Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena. London 1882. AVAILABLE

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